Chartisan will be ported to mobile with Flutter if it meets the github goal.
Take a sneak peek at what is coming up
From idea to code
Transforming the Chartisan idea into actual code. Creating all the different back-end adapters, protocols and the front-end library.
Documentation site
Create a static documentation site and write all the logic around the Chartisan project.
Request github sponsor
Chartisan will use github sponsors to allow individuals and business access to a premium set of features.
Port Chartisan to mobile apps
If the Github sponsor goal is met, Chartisan will be ported to mobile app development using Flutter. This feature will be available to everybody as part of the open source project.
Additional Sponsor adapter
Awaiting other tasks
Github sponsors will have access to another additional front-end adapter for a premium charting library.
Additional open source adapters
Awaiting other tasks
An additional open source charting library will be added to Chartisan as part of the open source project.